Judd Creek Ranch is an arts community located on beautiful Vashon Island, showcasing the work of local and nationally renowned artists.

Mark Meenan


“Respectfully interpreting traditional fencing through a modern lens.”

Mark Meenan, American Bamboo Company owner, trained in Japan, Cambodia and Bali, and has 15 years of experience as a bamboo carpenter. He creates traditional Asian fencing, using bamboo, as it is a fast-growing renewable resource that is extremely hardy and structurally strong. He follows the footsteps of traditional Asian designed fences from over 500 years ago, then adds his own modern-day elements to create a product that will withstand the test of time.


Yuri Kinoshita


"A light is not always on, but even in the darkness you should be able to see the beauty it comes from.” 

Born In Kyoto, Japan, Yuri graduated with honors from Osaka Fashion Institute, Department of Interior Design. After traveling throughout Europe and Asia, she settled in the U.S. to expand her artistic skills and passion for lighting design.  Now based in Seattle, Yuri works with organic materials to create small and large scale sculptures of ‘Interwoven Lights’.  Her site specific installations continue to explore the interrelations of play between light and shadow within her medium.