Haiku/Haiga Workshop


January 20, 2019

FREE (limited to 20 participants)
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Haiku/Haiga Workshop: The union of image through words and visual art

Simply, haiga is a painting with a haiku written on it. Both haiga and haiku inform the desired, essential reaction to both of these art forms: sudden comprehension, appreciation, transcendence, balance, insight, or the a-ha moment.

In the workshop, we primarily enter the art of haiku, its forms and links to nature through examples and exercises. Once haiku is defined, we will turn to the gallery’s current exhibit of John Overton’s art for inspiration to write haiku. The pairing of John’s art and the haiku will create haiga.

The workshop focuses on the art of writing for writers, poets, and curious readers. The workshop is participatory and fast paced.

Ann Spiers is Vashon’s inaugural Poet Laureate and member of Haiku Northwest and a 20-year member of the Island’s haiku group, Mondays at Three. Her poems, including haiku, are published widely in journals, anthologies, and web journals. She leads workshops in diverse venues from classrooms to beaches to festivals.

Poet Ann Spiers’ 40 years on Vashon Island are centered on its beaches, woods and sea and land creatures. She is Vashon Island’s inaugural Poet Laureate, co-produced the first Poetry Fest, curated a poetry broadside exhibit at Island Hardware. She teaches and reads in many venues and produces readings and workshops. She served two terms on the King County Arts Commission, juries and edits widely, received grants and writer residencies including Hedgebrook, Espy, and UW’s Whiteley Center. Her poems appear in many print and web journals and anthologies. Her books include Long Climb into Grace (FootHills), Herodotus Poems (Brooding Heron), Volcano Blue and Wild Taste (May Day Press).

Spiers served as Vashon Audubon president, worked as stewardship staff and compiled property baselines for Vashon Land Trust, and co-wrote Walks, Trails and Parks on Vashon Island filling it with nature, cultural, and historical notes from her circumambulating Vashon and Maury beaches and from hiking the island trails. This guide and Bunker Trail, her recent poetry book, are available at Vashon Book Shop.


Heart-shaped Basket Workshop

Workshop: Sunday Feb 3, 11:30am-4pm
Class siz: 8 participants
Cost $70

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Join Margaret Smith on February 3 at Judd Creek Ranch for a special basket-making workshop.

Using sustainably gathered Vashon cattail leaves we will begin with a checkerboard square, twine around it and create a classic elbow or heart basket about 4 1/2” tall, perfect for yourself or your Valentine. Other techniques will include plaiting, chasing, a braid finish and a handle made of northwest sweetgrass cordage or a four-strand braid. 

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January 26 Closing Reception

Retrospective: The evolution of John Overton

plus works from John's Sosaku-Hanga Workshop
and Ann Spiers' Haiku/Haiga Class



Saturday, January 26
Special closing reception

Join us in the Gallery for the closing John Overton’s retrospective.

It's an opportunity for class participants to share the stage with this remarkable artist, following his January Sasaku-Hanga Workshop (sold out). Alongside the artwork exhibits will be additional works from participants of Ann Spiers Haiku/Haiga Workshop (sold out).

Enjoy an extraordinary afternoon exploring the contemporary creativity of these ancient art forms.


Visualizing the Written Word


Workshop: March 24
Class size: 8 participants
Cost $50

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Learn the illustrator’s art of presenting a story in pictures, challenging the viewer to think past the obvious images in the text, lyric or poem.

Bring an idea to work with! (Short texts will be provided for those who prefer to work with a surprise subject)

No drawing skills required, stick figures and or photos and collage can be used.

If you have materials you would like to use, bring them with you. Pen, pencil, and colored pencils will be provided for sharing, and each person will be provided with the board on which to do sequential images.

This is an exercise in visual thinking and delving into how the word can make us feel, and what the illustrator can make us see.

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Basic Strumming for The Curious Novice

Workshop: Feb 23 & 24, 1:30-3pm
Class siz: 8 participants
Cost $150
(includes the instrument, which you will take with you)

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Joe Schonbok is a mathematician by education, a software developer by trade, and an aspiring luthier by passion. In 2016 he built a classroom set of stick dulcimers for Chautauqua Elementary and continues to build dulcimers and other instruments to entice people to bring more music into the world.

Joe’s approach allows him to turn wood that others would consider scrap into stringed musical instruments. Combining the materials and the design with the simple elegance of the dulcimer’s diatonic scale yields an approachable gateway instrument to kindle the flame of creativity in musicians of all ages. Joe enjoys experimenting with other instrument types, banjos and ukuleles in particular, and is especially fond of forging unique instruments from reclaimed lumber.

If you have ever been music curious, here is a safe and easy way to get started! Learn to play a stick dulcimer. A stick dulcimer is a three stringed instrument, very closely related to the mountain or Appalachian dulcimer. But instead of playing it on your lap, you hold it like a guitar or ukulele and strum it. What makes it a “dulcimer” is that it only has notes in a single key. That means it sounds good. Always. No matter what you do! With a stick dulcimer in your hand, your anxiety and fear melt away, freeing your true self to emerge in glory!

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